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O-ZONE's Power Tone
Burn Fat and Tone Muscle
Ozone Power Tone high intensity workouts combine functional body training and cardiovascular exercise to tone muscles and burn fat, resulting in optimal health and a balanced physical appearance.

Receive Specialized Training
Specialized Ozone Power Tone trainers will help you overcome your fitness obstacles, which translates into both mental and physical confidence and the capacity to tackle all of life’s’ challenges.

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Each day is a new benchmark, helping you push harder than you ever thought possible. Feel stronger and start shedding unwanted pounds after just one month of Ozone Power Tone.

Ozone Power Tone
activates your muscles and burns natural sugars in the body. Removing this excess sugar will help the body burn existing fat stores as well as prevent new fat stores from forming, creating a leaner and more balanced body. 

Ozone Power Tone
delivers the optimum balance of cardio and full body functional training to burn the highest levels of sugar and fat. Activating multiple muscle groups will develop the following: 

• Cardiovascular
• Muscular Power
• Body Strength
• Muscle Endurance
• Body Control & Mobility

Ozone Power Tone strives to build will power. 
Test your physical and mental ability to improve timed results. Tackling physical hurdles results in the added benefit of improved mental health. 

"... A five-week Ozone Power Tone
testimonial development conducted in 2009
saw an average weight loss of 9 pounds
for females and 13 pounds for males...."

Choose from any of our 30-minute classes Monday through Friday from 5:30 am to 7:00pm. Boot campers attend classes four days a week for six weeks.

ozone what to expect

Week 1
After week one of Ozone Power Tone, you can expect to be sore. This means you're on the right track! Make sure you follow up with one of our specialized Ozone Power Tone Trainers about how to ease into your daily workouts.

Week 2
Week two of Ozone Power Tone will bring noticeable changes in your muscle tone.

One Month and Beyond
By the end of one month you will feel stronger than you have ever felt before, and we are confident that you will start shedding unwanted pounds.

ozone weekly workouts

Cardio Workouts

Emphasis: Cardio

Measured Result: Timed workout. 

Training Goal: The goal of cardio emphasis is to keep the heart rate consistently in the 70% of max range. You will test your ability to control your heart rate, while pushing all the rust out of your cardiovascular system.

Power Workouts

Emphasis: Power

Measured Result: Complete as many rounds as possible within a given time frame.

Training Goal: Power emphasis focuses on the amount of work you can do over a given time frame. You will be given a set of exercises and a fixed time to repeat a set of exercises. Your body will show that it can increase its power when it does an increased amount of work in the given time frame.

Strength Workouts

Emphasis: Strength

Measured Result: Lift as much weight as possible.

Training Goal: Strength emphasis will give your brain a little break from the intensity of a timed workout. The workout focus will be on strength and technique. Fine-tuning your muscle coordination will allow you to maximize the amount of weight you can lift after the muscle tone exercises performed earlier in the week, while focusing on technique will prevent future injuries.

Muscle Endurance Workouts

Emphasis: Muscle Endurance

Measured Result: Timed workout during high rep exercises. 

Training Goal: The goal of the muscle endurance workout is to test the ability of your muscles to repeat the same movement over a given time without getting tired. This workout challenges how much muscle strength you have gained over a given week. With consistent training, your time to complete the same muscle endurance exercises will decrease.

Mobility Workouts

Emphasis: Mobility

Measured Result: Timed workout.

Training Goal: The mobility workout will improve your quality of life as you create greater mobility. Functional movement requires you to have power, speed, strength and endurance in multiple directions. This workout will test your functional movement.

Call us today at 801-842-7590 to get started!

The Proof is in the Results!
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