O-ZONE Workout of the Day
ozonefit workout of the day
Today's Workout Goals:

Today is a day to test your muscle endurance, the focus for this workout is to go through each whole round as quickly as you can with the proper form and time the round as a whole! When you have one round completed, write down the time and then go for it again to see if you can beat the time you had the first time, second time and so on. Your time should improve throughout the rounds depending on your fitness level. This is a workout to challenge you and show yourself that your training and fitness levels are getting better and better. Once you have completed all the rounds, combine the time and post it to the website or to the Ozone facebook! Let's see who is laying down the hammer!!!! If you have a team, you can do this workout as a team as well. Have one leader that runs 30 yards to pick the workout exercise up and have them run back and then the group does it as a whole. Once you have completed a round, leave the pieces of paper with the exercises where you finished the first round and have the group run 30 yards down the opposite end and repeat until all 4 rounds have been completed. Good Luck and Kick butt

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