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The Ozone Mantra
Have you ever searched the words “nutritional supplements” online? If you haven’t, try it – there must be millions of different nutritional supplement products out there. Some are good and some aren’t so good, but the reality is that you need more than just a nutritional supplement to effectively lose weight and live healthy for the long haul.

Ozone Fitness, derived from the concept that training in the “Optimal Zone or O.Zone” leads to the best results, was created to help educate people on how to get fit and healthy. Good old fashion hard work will get the job done! Ozone Fitness is fun, inspiring and accessible. 

Our Founder’s Philosophy
Thanks to years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industries creating and selling nutritional and weight loss supplements, Chris Armstrong, Ozone Fit’s founder wanted more than just supplements to help people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. That’s when Chris decided to start the Ozone Fit Workout of the Day, an online 30 minute timed workout video filmed using professional trainers. Trainers walk users through the proper technique of each individual workout. Users learn the “why” and “how” in workouts, not just the “do” in workouts.

Part of the Ozone Fit training philosophy involves timing each workout and logging the results. Timing workouts keeps people engaged, fights boredom and allows people to see actual results over time, instead of just hoping for results.

Workouts are short but intense, around 30 minutes in duration. Go hard for 30, time how long it takes to complete your workout, post your time and look for quantitative improved results, and then you’re done! All workouts are built around this concept – go hard, time your workout, and document your time. You will see results!

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize!
People need exercise coupled with a good nutritional diet, with nutrient rich foods such as vegetables, to truly become fit and stay healthy. Supplements play a part in this process for sure, but they aren’t the "be all end all" of long-term health. Ozone Fit isn’t your average workout program – we promise!

Big Gyms Are Never What You Signed Up For
Do you know that most people fizzle out of their local big gym within a couple months of purchasing a membership?  Receiving no fitness education or instruction and having little or no interaction with gym staff are all contributing factors to the average gym dropout. The “average” gym experience sucks! It’s not what you signed up for.

The best way to fight the boredom your local “big gym” – Go Ozone! 


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