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Are you training in the O-ZONE?
Ozone Fitness has built a special workout method designed to help you lose weight and get results from more than five years of testing with hundreds and hundreds of clients. Time and time again, we've found the Ozone method of training leads to inches lost and weight shed.

Ozone Fitness educates you on the "why" and "how" to workout through custom designed Daily Workouts, fitness and nutrition education and an invested professional training staff that helps you track ongoing progress. We know how to help you shed weight, lose inches and get results!

Do you know that most people fizzle out of their local big gym within a couple months of purchasing a membership? Receiving no fitness education or instruction and having little or no interaction with gym staff are all contributing factors to the average gym dropout. The "average" gym experience sucks! It's not what you signed up for.

Fight the boredom of your local "big gym" – Go Ozone!
Meet your personal trainer
Shayne Scruggs
Former Division 1 Football Athlete

A former Division 1 football athlete, Shayne believes that success comes from healthy living in all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will have the opportunity to meet Shayne during your Daily 30 minute workout.
Build a better workout!
Our trainer will help your optimize your performance

Working out is essential to your overall health, but what are you really doing when you're working out? Are you getting the best workout for your effort? Our trainer will optimize a program to ensure you are getting the best workout for your time.

Latest Ozone Fit Tips:
Truth is that the Scale LIES!
Many people get frustrated when they start working out and eating healthier because the scale goes UP not down. Many people get frustrated with their lack of perceived progress and give up and go back to their unhealthy lifestyle because they assume that working out and eating healthier does not work. The truth......Read More
Making New Year's Resolutions Count!
It's that time of year again! Resolutions to eat better, lose weight, gain muscle or get the old six pack back abound! Each year people set awesome goals to better themselves, but unfortunately often the easiest promises to make are those that you make with yourself. ......Read More
Can you work too hard?
You should always push yourself right? That is what we are told when we first start working out; to push through the soreness, the exhaustion and keep trying. This is true, you do want to push yourself but you also need to listen to your body and make sure you are giving it enough ......Read More
Am I Hurting it or Working it?
Many newbie exercisers have a hard time telling if their trainer is injuring them or just putting them through a tough workout. Likewise, it can be hard for a trainer to tell if a client is saying "ouch" because the exercise is appropriately hard and is making their muscles burn ......Read More
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ozone fit online bootcamp

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